This appeal is to provide aid and build educational facilities for the children and residents of the Gambia West Africa.

We can accept any donated items as almost anything will be useful to these communities.

We will continue to provide pictures of the work carried out with your help.

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Items can be collected by us or you can bring directly to our drop off centre in Sheffield.

Complete the form or ring/ email to arrange collection.

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The major expense in this appeal is actually shipping the items to West Africa. The cost to purchase a relevant container and subsequent shipping requires financial donations. We will be setting up a PAYPAL account so that funds can be readily donated to help in this cost. We are organising various fund raising events in 2014 and would encourage anyone to arrange their own fund raising through events, sponsorship etc . . . A sponsorship form in PDF format is to be made available online shortly to facilitate this.















Mo - 07973 843142

Angie - 07788 917738

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Mo - 07973 843142

Angie - 07788 917738

Email :

Mo - 07973 843142

Angie - 07788 917738

Email :







Following our fundraising Sheffield based charity Aid4gambia is planning another trip at the end of February 2015. Whilst we have undertaken a second 'building schools in villages' project, We would like to thank a number of local donors for their incredible support. Heeley based Re-cycle bikes, Heeley development trust for their kind donations of computers for the children to use in the new classrooms. 'Specialised movers' for donating numerous house hold items including some great furniture ideal for our classrooms. As well as the generous Personal donations (£500 each) from Sterling Commodoties LTD -World of superheroes and Maz.
We Would like to thank everyone who has donated or continued to support our work. Updates of the charities work will be updated on the charities website
Drop off points are at our Otter Street offices in Attercliffe S9.
For further enquiries or to arrange collections please contact us on numbers below.


Local resident builds school in the Gambia

Article appeared in Sheffield Star (December 2013)

Local resident Mohammed Ayoub is currently applying the finishing touches to the community space he has built in the Gambia.

"My first time there was a holiday with friends in 2011" he explained. "I like exploring and wanted to get further away from the tourist area's to see the reality of the country. People were going some distance for water so we built a well. I went back a year later and saw that the kids were going some distance to school, so we decided to build a learning centre."

The centre has taken six months to build, and has so far provided 538 pupils with a year of free education. "Locals have been very supportive" said Kima Ahmed Saikou Saho, founder of the IBN-Mousa Foundation in West Africa.

"Gambia is one of the poorest countries in Africa. There's no transport infrastructure and nothing is produced, so everything has to be imported. Our government is not supporting us, so any project is completely reliant on an external sponsor".

Mohammad runs an engineering tools firm, based in Attercliffe, and has so far secured a donation of £1,000 from Sterling Tools, as well as developing a partnership with Specialised Movers, the firm undertaking the impending local library closures.

"There is only one library for the whole of Gambia, so it was a great pleasure to accept books and shelving" continued Kima. "We teach English, Arabic and French, so if people cannot make it in Gambia they can maybe find work in Senegal".

With work set to be completed early next year, Mohammad is appealing for donations of household items, toys, clothes and kitchen materials, and is offering meals and accommodation for local school teachers who wish to volunteer in Gambia during domestic school holidays.

"We've got a unit for storage and can arrange collections of donated items" added Mohammad. "The more help we can get the better, and we won't turn anyone away".

You can contact Mohammad on 07973 843142